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Benefits Of Reflexology

Replenish - Revitalise - Soothe - Support

These are the four main words that come to mind when thinking about the positive effects of Reflexology. Each word can branch out to reflect individuals' needs and make it personal to them.

Feeling drained - Replenish
Digestion feeling sluggish - Revitalise
Feeling anxious - Soothe
Going through changes - Support

Wellbeing And Relaxation

Reflexology can help to improve wellbeing, helping you to relax and sleep better, which will naturally lead you to feeling better. The aim of reflexology and the belief of reflexologists is that we are able to reach the whole body/person through the feet and ‘work out' the areas that need it.

Soothing Away Stress With Reflexology

Stress is recognised as having an impact on emotional and physical health. Reflexology can be helpful in reducing stress, by encouraging a state of deep relaxation and easing out the tension that is being held in various parts of the body. It can assist in helping to bring equilibrium to the mind, body and emotions.

Pregnant Women And Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology can be of great support throughout pregnancy, aiming to optimise the emotional and physical wellbeing of a pregnant woman by addressing what is being presented. There is a general view that reflexology will help support the body to prepare for labour, by the very nature of the treatment, which promotes relaxation.

Postnatal Reflexology is often much appreciated, as the combination of hormonal ups and downs and changes to sleep patterns/lack of sleep
can be overwhelming. It is difficult to set aside time for oneself as a new mum but when a mother does, it comes as quite a relief!

Anecdotally many people find that many other symptoms improve as well

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